Wall Street declares BedHead top drawer

We’re proud to be one of the most popular brands of luxury sleepwear in the world, but we were even prouder to wake up to news that the Wall Street Journal named us Best Overall in quality.

WSJ recently gathered a group of women to test a series of luxury pajama brands, and the reviews for BedHead were nothing short of dreamy.

“The Sweethearts pajamas from BedHead felt the most luxurious” the judges reported. “The pants, with a drawstring in front and an elastic in back, let us lounge with ease – but the slightly shiny cotton sateen managed to look wrinkle-free, even the next morning.”

They went on to specifically mention the polished look of the pink piping along the collar, sleeves and legs, calling it “sweet and sophisticated”. And we’re glad they did because it’s a signature design.

Our sales have seen an increase every year for the last seven, with no indication of slowing down. Some attribute it to our celebrity endorsements, but we’ve never rested on that. We focus our attention on style, comfort and quality; and we’re honored to be recognized for that.

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