BedHead New Office Location


BedHead Pajamas New Office Location

LOS ANGELES, CA. – BedHead Pajamas is pleased to announce their recent move to a larger and newly renovated office space to accommodate its expansion.

On May 13, 2013, BedHead Pajamas moved into their new corporate offices located at 3641 10th Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90018.  The move will accommodate recent staff growth and enable the company to continue in providing superior service and the best quality sleepwear nationwide.  The new location includes a larger warehouse, production offices, state of the art kitchen, executive offices, and a design space where owner Renee Claire designs all of the prints and styles each season.  The relocation is driven by the company’s commitment to better serve its customers and clients.

About BedHead Pajamas

BedHead Pajamas offers the highest quality sleepwear made in glamorous Los Angeles.  Known for luxurious fabrics and vibrant prints, BedHead Pajamas has become a favorite among Hollywood celebrities and continuously featured in movies, tv shows and commercials.

For more information, please contact Lullette Kaufman at or 323.634.0333 x108.

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